Division 2 News

2021 Grade 7 Year End Video!!

2021 Awards Ceremony

Working from Home

We know that it’s a crazy time and you want to be here. For those of you who are not I’ve put all the work we do at school online for you. You need to work through it and hand it in by email. Please check the “Home School” site often as I add to it through out the day. Due dates are still in effect so get it done.

Link to the “Home School” page is above or it’s HERE.

Chapter 7 Math Quiz

Chapter 7 Math Quiz. When completing the Math quiz, please show all your work. Remember when showing a fraction it looks a little different on the computer. For example, 1/4 is one fourth and 3 4/5 is three and four fifths.

The test is set so you can only do it one time so please be sure to study for it. You are allowed to use a calculator, pencil, and eraser only.

Test can be found HERE.

Grade 7 Chapter 4 Quiz.

For this quiz you may have a calculator. Please complete all questions to the best of your ability and read the instructions. The Matching question has specific instructions. You may only complete the test once and cannot go back to fix answers. Good luck

Your mark will seem low when you finish. This is because I have to manually mark the rest of the written questions. Not to worry!!


Hello Division 2. As you know we’ve had many absences as of late for exposures as well staying home to be cautious.

Things that are ongoing that you can work on at home are the Independent Novel Study which is still due May 28. If you are at home, this is a perfect time to get to work on it!! Complete them and you can submit them to me by email if you wish. I will mark it that way and give you a mark online.

Math. The Math textbook and Worksheets are all online now as well. Link is HERE. You have 2 options here.

  1. Follow along with us by checking the homework board on what we’ve worked on for that day or

2. work at your own pace and complete as much as you can. IF you choose 2, complete odds or evens out of the text book then do the accompanying worksheet.

Any questions just email me at lowe_s@surreyschoools.ca

See you soon!!! Mr. Lowe

Wayne Thiebaud Art

Mental Health Resources

Kids Help Phone


A sudden resurgence of tether ball games has hit DC. Everyone play safe and keep your head up! As they say, “Eye on the ball.”

Welcome back to school everyone! Please stay tuned for more information!

How to log into your @wildcatsdc.ca account, Prodigy Math and Google Classroom

OnE dAy At a tImE

Stay strong!

This Crazy Time

Hello class!! I hope you’ve all been well and have managed to stay connected with each other. Stay tuned. I’m going to post a video tomorrow here. We’ve got some plans in place and I’m looking forward to sharing them soon.

Mr. Lowe

Reflection on Global Warming Project

  • Write your Inquiry Question
  • How did watching and learning about global warming help you to create your Inquiry Question?
  • Did your Inquiry Question change over time and did you feel limited by it?
  • How has your thought process on global warming, what can be done, and where we are as a civilization changed over the last month
  • What did you learn and more importantly how has it changed you?
  • If you were to take the next step and further your research, what might you differently and why?
  • Did you enjoy this project yes or no? Why

We are back online. Sorry for everyone that couldn’t access the site for the last little while. The host had a major power outage and the 34,000+ spam messages brought this website to it’s knees. Back to your regular programming now.

Coming Soon
What Movie Would You Like to Watch for Halloween?
What Movie Would You Like to Watch for Halloween?
What Movie Would You Like to Watch for Halloween?

Welcome Back to School!!

I hope that everyone has had a restful and relaxing summer. We have organized into classes and are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Let’s get to work!!

I am in the process of piloting a new online grading program that will give access to students and parents. It’s goal is to keep everyone accountable and updated on student progress. Notices will be coming home shortly regarding class expectations and other important information.

Looking forward to a great year!

Mr. Lowe

Deep Cove Kayak online waiver and trip information


What to wear/What to bring

**All paddlers should bring a water bottle and a full change of clothes and towel for after the tour. YOU WILL GET WET KAYAKING.**

Recommended Clothing:

  • Rain pants (This is our most highly recommended piece of clothing).
  • Synthetic fabrics (Non-cotton layers)
  • Wind/rain shell
  • We strongly encourage sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses (with a strap) if it is hot and sunny.

Please DO NOT WEAR ANY DENIM OR COTTON. When these fabrics get wet they take a long time to dry.

This will increase your odds of being cold out on the water.

If it is forecast to rain on the day of your activity please bring a rain coat. Our tours **RUN RAIN OR SHINE**.

Fossils video


Grade 7 Science! Natural Selection

Previous forms

Thank you to the students and parents of Division 2. Together we collected 132 items for the Food Bank in 2 weeks! For each item that a student brought in this year, they recieved a ticket to enter into a draw to win one of a bunch of prizes.

Here is one being made!

Zentangle Art

Song 1

Welcome to Division 2!!

FSA Link

We are looking forward to an exciting year with many different activities and opportunities for students.

Please continue to check this page for updates on things happening in the class and the school.

Questions? Feel free to call the school or email me.

Important Dates Coming Up

Sept 26 – Picture Day

Sept 27 – Open House

Sept 28 – Orange Shirt Day

Oct 1 – Hot Lunch

Oct 17 – Pumpkin Fundraiser

Important Term 2 Dates

School Science Fair Feb. 22

District Science Fair Mar. 1

Novel Study due Mar. 15

Spring Break Mar. 19 – Mar. 30

Welcome back!! 

Christmas Concert Thursday, Dec. 14 @ 1:00pm and 6:30pm.

Which one are you????

Songs to practice with. No words.


Tinkerine courses


It’s that time again. FSA tests

Orange Shirt Day ~ A day to promote reconciliation

Creationism, Intelligent Design, and First Nations Creation Link

Evolution Link

Welcome back to school!

Please be ready for your first day of school with basic school supplies, water bottle and a ton of food! First bell is a 8:35 am.

Thanks for the wonderful year everyone!! Here’s the year end video if you want to watch it again.

Thank you to the parents and students for making the dinner and dance a Special day!!

All photos are online in the photo gallery. Have a look!

Welcome back to school!! Term 3 here we come. So many things to look forward to this term!

  • Pirates play

  • Fun Fair

  • Camp

  • Track and field

  • Cultus Lake

  • Video



We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year! We have some fun things planned between now and Spring Break. Be prepared!!

Songs for the Christmas Concert



Secret Santa List!


Reflection document


We are going to begin to use SeeSaw to document our work in the classroom. Check it out LINK

Current Division 2 News

  • Grade 7 notice going home Friday. Notice for all parents who missed the meeting about fundraising, dinner and dance, and yearbook committees.


1st day of school is Sept. 6. See you then!

Photo galleries will be taken off line January 2017. Please download any photos you would like before then.

2016 Grade 7 video is online!

Thanks for a great year!!

Airband videos are online. Thank you to Kevin Adlem for filming them!!

Youtube Link

Cultus Lake Waterslides videos are also online now in the photo gallery!!

Camp Elphinstone was quite an adventure!! Kayaking, paddleboarding, low ropes, beach study, campfire, fire building… it was a packed and exhausting camp experience. Photos are online (about 1300 images) in the photo gallery. Have a look and download what you like. Here’s a sample.

Discus videos. Athletes please review and look for arm position, body position at release, and how much you are bending your legs for explosive power.

Videos are here. YOUTUBE

Full on geek today!! May the 4th be with you. This was what the students did at the Raspberry Pi workshop at Trinity Western University. They had an amazing time learning to program!

For those of you who would like to continue to program using Scratch can do it online!


If you’d like to purchase your own Raspberry Pi kit they can be found at Canakit located in North Vancouver.

See above Grade 7 girls and boys!! Cassi is an amazing coach!

Welcome Back!!!

Only a few months of school left and lots of fun things to do!! We have high school visits, camp, Cultus Lake, Dinner and Dance, Air band among other things to look forward to this term!! Keep your head up!


Screenshot 2016-03-29 11.46.33

If anyone is into photography, you can now download the entire Google Nik Collection for free. This used to be a $300 package. I use this all the time especially to convert photos to black and white (Silver Efex2). Find it HERE.